Quant Authentication

Authenticate users with a single API call

Excellent if you are in an environment with limited resources, e.g. IoT, or if you cannot route incoming network requests.
curl -X POST https://api.quantauth.app/v1/authentication-request/ \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"email": "test@example.com", "application_title": "My App"}'
Authenticate a user using their email address and wait for the authentication result. The user receives an email or a push notification in Quant Authenticator
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Mobile Authentication

Introducing Quant Authenticator

Mobile authentication with Quant Authenticator. Store, manage and sync TOTP codes across devices and receive convenient push notifications to log in to applications.


Stop wasting time. Focus on your product.

The top four reasons to use Quant
Implement user authentication with a single API call. No need to create web forms or templates and send SMS or emails.
Only one outbound API call required. No inbound network requests. No need to configure NAT, DNS records or deal with certificates.
Email addresses and phone numbers provided in authentication requests are only used for the purpose of authentication and then deleted.
User friendly
Authentication is tied to the user's identity (email or phone) and they receive push notifications on their mobile phone. No additional password required.

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